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Did you know 33.6% of adults 19-64 years of age do not have dental benefits?* Stop by the Ameritas booth and learn how easy it is to sell dental insurance, and why offering dental can boost your client base and your commissions.

Did you know one in five adults aged 65 and over has had untreated tooth decay?*

Did you know only 40% of seniors have dental insurance? With the number of adults aged 65+ growing to 68 million over the next 10 years, this is a significant opportunity! 

Learn how you can take advantage of this opportunity with Ameritas dental.


Did you know many Americans who are 100% covered by their dental plans skip dental checkups?* By choosing Ameritas dental insurance, you get coverage from day one. And with more than 483,000 access points nationwide there is no reason to skip a visit to the dentist.

How much can you really save with Ameritas dental insurance?  See why so many people choose Ameritas!


Introduce Ameritas to Your Clients ​

Individuals have unique needs. We have solutions to match, and materials that take you through each step of your customer’s buying journey. Show them why Ameritas is the carrier to meet their specific needs. ​

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4 Things That Happen if You Avoid the Dentist

Eye Safety Tips

New Lens for Cataract Patients Improves Vision, Eliminates Need for Prescription Glasses

5 Questions to Ask Before Getting a Dental Implant


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​Imagine a dental insurance carrier that has your needs in mind! Ameritas dental insurance offers coverage up to 50% for major services such as crowns, bridges, and dentures, and one of the largest networks with over 483,000 access points nationwide.

Did you know the average senior spends $1,154 a year on dental services?  Look at the average savings you are missing out on by not using Ameritas dental insurance!






*Indicates PDF contains variable options that may need modifying before use


*Indicates PDF contains variable options that may need modifying before use

Who is getting ready to sign up for Medicare?  Did you know that most dental is not covered under Medicare?  Check out What’s Not Covered on page 49 of the Medicare & You book to learn more. Ameritas has you covered when it comes to dental.


3 Things to Know When a Migraine May Be More Than a Headache



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