Your Ameritas sales team is focused on helping you build and retain business, increase your commissions and boost customer satisfaction. ‚Äč


Taylor Davis

Regional Managing Director


Over the course of several years in the insurance industry, Taylor has enjoyed great success achieving the goals of numerous IMOs and agents. He got his start with a large IMO, where he executed sales and marketing strategies to help agents grow their businesses. This experience prepared him for the role of regional director/AVP, where he built partnerships in the life, annuity and health insurance space. 


Taylor lives in Oklahoma, where he divides his time between several interests, including football, golf and his wife and son.



Aaron Adkins 

Regional Managing Director


Aaron comes to Ameritas with more than 15 years of experience in the insurance industry. He has demonstrated repeated success in guiding business transformation, increasing the availability of high-quality insurance and working effectively in a high-paced environment. He is passionate about keeping up with new technologies and gaining competitor insights, which he uses to champion business growth.


Aaron currently lives in Cincinnati, Ohio and has two children. 


Meet the Sales Team:

Meet the Ameritas Sales Team


Todd Cowan

National Sales Director 


Todd joined Ameritas in 2017, armed with more than two decades of experience in the insurance industry. Todd’s experience in the healthcare sector cemented his belief in the importance of good dental and vision benefits for the individual consumer. Todd is a goal-driven leader who is passionate about the member experience. His complementary skills of relationship-building and analytical thinking have propelled him in the workplace, especially in regard to business and product development, margin improvement, and budget management.


Todd lives in Florida with his wife and two children.